SYF, a new reflection token
on the Fantom blockchain.

what is syfin

Syfin (SYF) is a new reflection token on the Fantom blockchain. By hodling over 200,000 SYF you will earn the Spookyswap.finance BOO token. By hodling over 1,000 WRA Wraithswap.finance will earn you SYF. Syfin automatically buys our fellow AMM token BOO and rewards its hodlers and Wraith buys SYF to reward to its holders!


features of syfin

Hold 200,000 worth of Syfin $SYF and $BOO rewards will appear automatically in your wallet.

Max buy or sell transactions are limited to 1.5%. The same goes for max wallet size (anti-whale countermeasures)

Extra liquidity generated by the Syfin contract through sells will be sent automatically to the contract Burn address.

100,000,000,000 SYF Token Max and Total Supply

9% Tax (3% $BOO Rewards to hodlers, 3% to SYF liquidity, 3% to marketing)

1.5% Max Transactions (1.5 Billion SYF)

1.5% Max Wallets (1.5 Billion SYF)

Minimum SYF required to receive BOO rewards 200,000 SYF

Slippage over 10% recommended

Sell Transactions with excess liquidity SYF tokens are burnt

Hourly BOO reward payments to SYF hodlers, manual "claim()" is available

syfin Partners

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syfin roadmap & goals

Launch SYF on Fantom Blockchain

Launch Website sy.finance

Get SYF details on Ftmscan

Release Whitepaper

Release FAQ

Ads, Marketing, Social Media

Host first SYF Contest

Liaise and interact with influencers

Reach 5,000 Social Media Followers

Sy.finance Dapp and Platform to manage SYF

SYF NFTs on Fantom

CoinGecko Listing

CoinMarketCap Listing

Audits by top auditors

SYF Airdrop

Launch SYF AMM wraithswap.finance

Launch SYF/WRA Farms fields.wraithswap.finance

Update Sy.finance Website

Engage celebrities and influencers

Reach 10,000 Social Media Followers

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